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The frame of Tout Court is simple and structural in nature. It is the creation of a
performance as well as a research-project on collectivity.
The method is: eight choreographers from five countries gather together with
separate proposals for a single work. In the course of a six-week process, a
performance is created not through agreement but through collision.
The performance is: a meditation on ghosts, apparitions and traces, and an
exploration of both appearance and disappearance in the body and the self.
The question is: how do we do what we don’t know how to do, how do we say what
we don’t understand, and how do we go somewhere that does not exist?

Created and Performed by: Murielle Elizéon, Begüm Erciyas,
Gui Garrido, Monica Gillette, Mia Haugland Habib,
António Pedro Lopes, Jean-Baptiste Veyret-Logerias
Concept and Direction: Tommy Noonan
Design: Moritz Müller, Franziska Jacobson, Mark Howett
Premiere: 15.11.2008, Kammerbühne: 20:30
Theater Freiburg, Germany

15.11.2008 - Freiburg (premiere)
23.11.2008 - Freiburg
4.12.2008 - Heidelberg
5.12.2008 - Heidelberg
12.12.2008 - Freiburg
16.12.2008 - Freiburg
19.12.2008 - Freiburg

Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg Airport (then 1 hour bus)
Karlsruhe-Baden Baden Airpark (then bus and 1 hour train)
Frankfurt Int. Airport (then 2 hours train)
From Paris, Gare de L’Est via Karlsruhe, Strasbourg or Basel (about 3.5 Hours)
From Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Zürich, direct ICE to Freiburg-in-Breisgau Haubtbahnhof
Accommodation: Intercity Hotel Freiburg: http://www.intercityhotel.com/aw/

Sweet and Tender Collaborations
Sweet & Tender Collaborations is first and foremost an idea for cultural production and
exchange. It is an artist-driven initiative and an artistic project in constant development.
Sweet and Tender consists of an international group of individual artists that does not share
in a single artistic value or aesthetic, but is instead organized around an idea for artistic
collaboration and production. It operates on the idea that any individual who can create the
conditions for his or her own artistic production and development can also create the space
for someone else. It is the idea that a network of individuals can combine their resources to
realize a level of access, mobility and growth that would not otherwise be available to each
artist alone. The aim of S&T collaborations is to increase the quality of the individual artistic
practices as a result of the direct confrontation between self and others. In this way, a
difference in content is respected, while a common and evolving practice of experimental
exchange is established. We believe that this method of exchange can produce a more
dynamic and fertile ground for individual and cultural development.

pvc is a dance platform installed within Theater Freiburg. PVC strives to re-think the outdated
structure of dance in the German city theater, through digging into the possibilities of the theater
structure itself and using those possibilities in imagining and realizing a variety of futures for dance.
PVC asks how a city theater can also serve as a vehicle for the creation of new relationships
between a city’s cultural institutions and its population.

Theater Freiburg
Bertoldstraße 46
79098 Freiburg
Kammerbühne Theater
Tickets: +49 (0) 761.201 28 53

Theater Heidelberg
Theaterstraße 4
69117 Heidelberg
Zwinger 1 Theater
Tickets: +49 (0) 6221.5820000
More info: toutcourt.project@gmail.com

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